Rosé Talpiot 2020 - יקב לה פורה בלאנש

יקב לה פורה בלאנש בתרגום מצרפתית לעברית – היער הלבן. הצבע הלבן מסמל ביהדות את האור, הטוב והחסד. חכמינו אומרים שבבית המקדש השלישי עיקר הקרבנות  מנחות מהצומח. מנחה כלולה מסולת, שמן ויין. העיקר זה היין.

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Rosé Talpiot 2020

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Rosé Talpiot 2020


Talpiot series wines are characterized by a deep connection with the land of the Land of Israel and their accessibility to the general public.
Talpiot Rosé 2020  Produced from Merlot grapes (95%) grown in the Har Kerem Bracha and Syrah grapes (5%) from Kerem Tekoa .

Kosher certification : Badatz Beit Yosef. Rabbi Unger (Monsey, USA). Local rabbinate Mehadrin Mount Hebron. Kosher for Passover strictly.
Shipments : All over the country, within 5-7 business days, shipping cost: 25 NIS, for orders over 195 NIS free shipping.

Limited quantity! Only bottles left

Vintage: 2020

Bottles from this Vintage: 1500

Aging time in a barrel: without



The pale and subtle hue was achieved as a result of the immediate separation of the grape pig from the heredity (without soaking).

The cold ferment kept aromas of fresh wild strawberries and lychee alongside spring blossoms. A sip of tangy and surprisingly spicy taste balanced with refreshing sourness.

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Bottles from this Vintage


Aging time in a barrel


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