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יקב לה פורה בלאנש בתרגום מצרפתית לעברית – היער הלבן. הצבע הלבן מסמל ביהדות את האור, הטוב והחסד. חכמינו אומרים שבבית המקדש השלישי עיקר הקרבנות  מנחות מהצומח. מנחה כלולה מסולת, שמן ויין. העיקר זה היין.

“Wine (…) gladdens the heart of man” (Psalms104:15)

The team at La Forêt Blanche Winery believes with all our heart and soul that the taste of our exceptional wine must convey its heritage and origin – the ancient lineage of its production – alongside modern technological innovations which together are the essence of our craft and our guiding principle.

With our commitment to excellence, we produce our wine from grapes grown in the ancient and peerless vineyards of the Land of Israel, together with French expertise in innovative production technologies that allow us to express the art, craft and taste of the wines of the Holy Land.

Our goal is to provide pleasure with our wine, as described by King David in ancient times and still relevant today: “Wine that gladdens the heart of man.” We believe that with every sip, the same joy and purity of soul that the psalmist understood will also be experienced by you. 

We strive to make accessible the authentic craft and art of wines from ancient Eretz Israel and the unique taste of La Forêt Blanche winery at a price point which provides value for money, shipped directly from the winery to the consumer.

Promote wine culture in Israel

We are delighted to invite you to join the La Forêt Blanche Wine Club.

Join the journey that began 2000 years ago ...

Play a part in the 2,000-year-old journey…

Archaeological digs have uncovered ancient vineyards in biblical Susya and the   Yatir Forest that bear witness to the widespread wine industry of the area. Together we can preserve this historical tradition and re-establish it in our time.

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