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Privacy Policy

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Site Policies and Gush Etzion Winery Store, Terms of Use and Privacy (hereinafter: “Policies”)

Use of the Web site and the La Pura Blanche Winery web site is subject to the terms of this policy.


  • The same terms and conditions apply equally to both sexes.
  • The images on the site are for illustrative purposes only.
  • La Pura Blanche Winery’s Web Store (hereinafter: the “Store”) operates to sell winery-made wines (hereinafter: the “Wines” and / or the Products) The Website is owned by La Pure Winery Boutique Ltd. (Hereinafter: “the Company”)
  • Any visitor and / or action on the Site (hereafter: Visitor or Purchaser (“ declares and warrants that you read the Terms of Use and agree To his instructions and that he and / or anyone on his behalf will have no claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Company and / or its owners.
  • It will be clarified , that the purchase of wines is permitted only to the purchaser who is over 18 years .
  • Any mistake on the website and / or the description of the wines will not require the company, whether the mistake was discovered before or after the order was confirmed.
  • In the event of any conflict and / or ambiguity between the Bylaws and those listed and / or displayed on the Website, the Bylaws shall prevail.
  • The Company and the Website reserve the right to change the Terms from time to time, at their sole discretion, without the need for any warning and / or prior notice. The new policy will be effective on the date and time of publication on the site
  • By registering with the Website, the Buyer consents to receive an email and / or SMS message from the Company The Buyer may, at any time, notify the Company of its refusal to receive any email and / or SMS message from the Company.

Terms of Use

  • Any person resident in the State of Israel who is 18 years of age or older who holds a valid credit card from one of the credit card companies and / or a PayPal account may take action on the site.
  • The wine order will only be provided under the following conditions:
    • The buyer is a resident of Israel who is over 18 years of age.
    • The transaction is approved by the credit company.
    • An order confirmation has been received to the buyer email address.
    • The ordered product is in stock

Services and pricing policies and ordering

  • For any questions regarding the use of the Website and purchases, please call 058-661-9899 or email
  • An order will not be considered closed as long as the buyer has not filled in their details and credit card details or their PAYPAL account.
  • Bulk ordering will require special approval from the company. A large order will be defined by the company as it sees fit.
  • In the event that the products ordered by the Buyer are out of stock, the Company will notify the Buyer through its contact information. In this case, the buyer can choose alternative products or get their money back.
  • Without detracting from the foregoing, in the event that the Company believes, in its sole discretion, that its services are being abused, the Company may decide to cancel an order and the Purchaser shall have no claim and / or claim in connection therewith.


  • In the purchase of products on the site, the credit charge will be one-time or in installments as per company approval and buyer’s choice, and will be made immediately upon order confirmation by the company.
  • Prices on the site include VAT unless otherwise expressly stated.
  • Credit card information is transmitted through a secure server, encrypted with technology
  • In the event that the credit card company fails to honor the charge, the company will not approve the buyer, the execution of the order, even if the buyer has been notified of the order confirmation.

Buyer Information and Site Security

  • The site is secure and the information entered into the system is kept confidential, using data encryption (SSL).
  • When purchasing on the site, the user will be required to enter personal information. The company and / or anyone on their behalf will not be liable for any mistake made by the buyer when typing the items and / or not incorporating them into the system.
  • The Company will not transfer the Purchaser’s personal information to an outside party to the Company, unless required to do so by a competent authority of the State authorities or by virtue of a judicial order, in accordance with the provisions of any law.
  • The Company may use the personal information of the Buyer, without identifying the specific Buyer, for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and presenting it and / or delivering it to other parties without the need for its consent.
  • Upon making a purchase on the Website, the Buyer declares that he knows that typing in false information is a criminal offense.
  • The buyer declares that he / she is aware that since it is a transaction in an online environment, the Company cannot guarantee complete protection against third-party crimes. If a third party is able to penetrate and / or misuse the information held by the Company, the Purchaser shall not, directly or indirectly, make any claim and / or demand and / or consequential claim against the Company and / or on its behalf.
  • The Company may use “cookies”

Change order and return

  • Wine order is non-cancellable.
  • An order change by the purchaser will be subject to the consent of the Company at its sole discretion. Changing or canceling an order will be done only by phone.
  • The Company may, in its sole discretion, cancel an order for any reason without the need for a reason or advance notice, even if the user has already received an email confirming the purchase authorization. Notice of cancellation after receipt of email confirmation will be provided to the purchaser by telephone, and will have no claim and / or claim and / or demand against the Company for cancellation of the transaction by it. The Buyer will not be entitled to any compensation from the Company for such cancellation and / or change.
  • In the event of cancellation of the order by the Company, the Buyer will be credited with payment of the order amount, and in the event of a change approved by the Company, the Buyer will be charged or credited, respectively, in accordance with the modified Order.
  • Without derogating from the foregoing, to the extent that factors and / or events outside the Company’s control and / or the website owners and / or its operators will impede and / or prevent the provision of the service and / or the delivery and / or delivery and / or transport of the products in a manner In whole or in part, and in any way and / or at specified times, and / or in the event of malfunctions in computing and / or telephone systems and / or any other communication factor in the completion of the purchase process, and / or if due to hostilities and / or strike and / or downtime And / or special-size recruiting and / or weather damage and / or any other factor that is a force majeure will prevent and / or delay and / or impair the process of purchasing the products, and their supply, the Company may notify the cancellation, in whole or in part, of Delay in its supply and the purchaser will have no claim, claim, or demand as a result.

Shipments & Delivery Times :

  • Shipping Fee In addition to the product prices listed on the Website, the Buyer will be charged a Shipping Fee on the Site depending on the type of shipment and the Buyer’s address.
  • Shipping times Shipping and arrival times depend on the shipping provider. The company undertakes to deliver the product to the shipping provider within 7 business days of ordering.

Improper use of the site

  • Any improper use of the Site undertakes to indemnify and compensate the Company and / or anyone on its behalf for any claim and / or expense and / or damages of any kind whatsoever including legal expenses incurred by the Company and / or the website owners and / or its founders and / Or any of its Operators and / or any of its Administrators and / or any of them on their behalf upon their first demand.

Ownership and Copyright

  • Do not copy and use and / or allow others to use, in any way, content from the Site, including other websites in electronic publications, print publications, etc.

Law & Jurisdiction

  • The law that applies to these bylaws and / or any action and / or conflict arising therefrom is the Israeli law only.
  • Any dispute of any kind between the user and / or the purchaser of the site and the company and / or the site due to activity and / or issue of any kind and kind arising from and / or related to the company and / or the site It will turn out in Israel, in the court of competent jurisdiction only in the city of Jerusalem, which has the exclusive authority to hear it.
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