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יקב לה פורה בלאנש בתרגום מצרפתית לעברית – היער הלבן. הצבע הלבן מסמל ביהדות את האור, הטוב והחסד. חכמינו אומרים שבבית המקדש השלישי עיקר הקרבנות  מנחות מהצומח. מנחה כלולה מסולת, שמן ויין. העיקר זה היין.

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Our crowdfunding is over, here’s a reminder of what our recruiting page at Headstart looks like

La Pura Blanche in the media 

Proponents of the project have enjoyed high quality wine and wine even before Passover 2020
(Kosher Mehadrin), every supporter and supporter is part of creating the wine culture in Israel by being able to establish a visitor center and a direct sale site together

For this Passover everyone is ordering quality wine at the real price and together they are promoting the wine culture in Israel! 
And without you it won’t happen!

Ever thought why Israeli quality wines are significantly more expensive compared to wines at the same level of the world?

One of the explanations is in a chain of prices and commissions which are added to the original price that the bottle “accumulates” on the way from the winery to you, you will find shipping costs, rent, manpower, marketing, cost of store shelves and more.

and the high price you all pay.

Here we go into the picture: We stay at the true price of the wine in the winery !

Very pleasant, we are a fruitful blanche winery and we are revolutionizing!
Our wines can only be purchased here from mass recruitment directly from our winery to your home and office. Until we come up with a new site (you already read it on the new site then .. Welcome, we succeeded :))

Probably ask yourself, what? Are they the first winery selling online? No.
So what makes you different and how does it keep me in my pocket? It’s simple.

Wineries selling both online and in stores must compare the price with the store (which adds to the winery’s price chain and prices) ) In this case, the online is not cheaper.

So what did we do?
We just canceled the fees! We took the risk and intend to only sell wine online and in-house.

so you get quality wines without fees, without Real Price Brokers!
and support the development of wine culture in Israel.

Join us and take part in the process because it is only through the purchase of wine and wines that we can establish the visitor center And set up a direct sale site.

soul-deepening wine
So how did it all start, and what is special about our wine ? < / span>

La Pura Blanche Winery is located near the Yatir Forest, the vineyards are located on the Ancestral Path, an ancient route right out of Israel The watershed divides the high mountain from the Judean Desert to altitudes of between 800 and 900 meters along the Judean and Samaritan ridges.

In this geographical area, the grapes grow in the high lands that enjoy cold, snowy winters and hot and dry summers like the vineyards enjoyed Of our ancestors 3000 years ago, in the same place.

Good wine starts with roots

We see the utmost importance in maintaining diligence, country work, striving for excellence and striving for perfection. And create our wine from the ancient high-end vineyards that express the origins and roots of the Land of Israel and bring to light the art and wine taste of our ancestors.

The grapes are harvested manually and all wine processes are met. It ages in French and American oak barrels. It is a ‘wine with a soul’, which derives its unique flavor from the ancient roots of the Land of Israel.

Wine Kosher: Kosher Passover Mehadrin </ p>

Beit Yosef, Beit Yosef, Rabbi Ungar, Rabbinate of Mount Hebron >

Video of our mass-selling project for those who missed it:

We are just before launching a website and visitor center, and your support for the project will help us promote High quality wine culture, at the true price .

Join us and join us in bringing quality wine to every table this coming Passover at an excellent price! < / strong>

The wines are available for purchase here from the Tire Zone:

Talpiot series
Talpiot series wines are characterized by their accessibility and the connections they make to the general public.

You can purchase the following wines in the tire area:

red Talpiot wine – is a juicy young Cabernet grape wine Sauvignon (80%), with complement of Shiraz (7%), Peti-Verdu (7%) and Merlot (6%) in equal parts. The wine matured for 6 months in French and American wooden barrels.

White Talpiot Wine – Vintage 2018 is from a grapes-based white screen And Yunia (80%) and Shanin Blanc (20%). The wine is characterized by a fresh fruity aroma with a balanced walnut finish. Texture is oily and has a wide, fun body.

Dvir Series

Dvir series wines are characterized by their boarding and the depth of the relationship between man and the land of Israel. < / p>

You can purchase the following wines in the tire area:

Dvir Cabernet / Shiraz / Merlot Wine – Vintage 2017 is off screen It consists of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (45%) and Shiraz (33%) from “Caldé Calab” vineyard, complete with Merlot (22%). The wine aged about 12 months in French and American wooden barrels, and did not undergo filtering.

Dino Pinot Noir Wine- Vintage 2017 is a unique Israeli wine, Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, hand-harvested in the “Caldé Calabé” vineyard, at 900 meters. The wine has aged for 12 months in French barrels and has not undergone filtration.

Dvir Cabernet Sauvignon- vintage 2017 was produced from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from mature vines grown in the only vineyard “Caldé Calab”, at 900 meters. The wine aged for about 18 months in French and American wooden barrels, and bottled without filtration. Powerful, balanced and elegant.

Purchase the La Pura Blanche winery’s flagship wine in the tire zone: </ p>

Lebanon Forest – Vintage 2016 The winery’s flagship wine was produced from Cabernet grapes Sauvignon from the only vineyard “Calvary”, which was manually harvested from mature vines. The wine aged 24 months in select and bottled wooden barrels without filtration processes.
Each bottle is sold in a separate luxury package. Suitable for gifts or special occasions.

The people behind the venture:


In 1993, Menachem began working for high-tech entrepreneur and farmer, pioneer in planting Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the Mount Hebron region , Set up a “breast field” farm. Since 2003, he has produced and distributed wine and established the famous Livni Winery in 2009. He founded La Pura Blanche Winery in 2018.

The winery’s main partner and partner

Bruno Darmon joined the winery in 2009 as chief winemaker with the aim of extracting the best wine from these grapes. With more than 20 years of experience in international winemaking, the finest wines he has produced have received several national and international awards and medals. In 2018, together with Menachem Livni, he initiated the new La Pura Blanche winery.

The main developer of the “quality wine at real price” >

Jacob Burris VP, Digital Marketing & Online Marketing Specialist is leading the company’s marketing strategy. Jacob’s paternal grandfather in kosher wine production in France gave him the passion for wine and the wine business, which pushed him to enter into the vineyard.

The money raised will also help us set up a visitor center – a tasting experience and presentation on the wine tradition in Israel , And developing an online sales site.

As part of encouraging wine culture in Israel, we are working to establish a visitor center. Your support of the venture will also help us move forward. With its establishment that will make it possible to access our unique wine tasting experience.

Let us become partners in setting up an unique and unique visitor center, which will provide an ancient story, which will wrap its critics long and connect them. In ancient times, a man sat under our limbs. With the aim of creating an authentic experience while preserving the age-old tradition and historical values ​​that accompany it. Together we can express the passion for the spirit, the joy and the close of hearts, the joy of creating, the return to the roots and the work of the earth.

Let’s sing the unforgettable wine melody with us. Together, we will “resume our days as soon as possible.”

you only have to support, order quality wine at the real price or any other from the tire area, thank you very much !

The team and the La Pura Blanche family.

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